Our projects

We do our best to find the most innovative solutions with the intent to improve the plant efficiency and assure money savings. Our numerous successful projects represent the proof of our problem solving capacity and the best demonstration of our skills.

New Unit


Mechanical erection of a new desolforation unit – U800-Prime-G- including relevant interconnecting piping to the rest of the refinery.

Customer: Saras Spa

Total job amount: 7.500.000 €

Total Hours spent: 105.000

Job duration: 15 months

Workforce: 50 units (average with a peck of 180 workers)

Critical job elements: great complexity of the work; coordination of a big and complex job with a dedicated team.

Revamping of T2-V2 plant

Turnaround for routine maintenance and plant revamping, consisting of installation of new piping, columns modifications, opening and cleaning of all pressure equipment, scaffolding and NDT management.


Customer: Saras Spa

Total job amount10.200.000 €

Total hours spent: 200.000

Job duration: 32 days

Workforce: 300 workers

Critical job elements: Job scheduling and monitoring; job complexity, particularly concerning the columns modifications; coordination of a complex dedicated job team.

New PSA valve skid for OPTI Canada

Construction and shop testing of a new PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) valve skid, for a total weight of 300 tons to be shipped in 4 elements, certified with CSA B51 (Canadian Standards Association), ABSA (Alberta Boilers Safety Association)and ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) for the OPTI plant of Long Lake (Alberta).

Customer: Linde AG per OPTI Canada

Total job amount: 1.700.000 €

Total hours spent: 25.000

Total hours spent: 7 months

Critical job elements: short delivery date for such a complex unit; very high quality standards; Canadian certifications.

New PET plant CP 400 Plus

Construction of a new PET plant CP 400 Plus in Ottana (Nu) Italy.

Customer: Equipolymers Srl for Dow Chemical Company

Total job amount5.125.000 €

Total hours spent: 130.000

Job duration: 11 mesi

Critical job elements: high quality and safety standards; extreme work complexity; very tight job schedule.

EPC contract for SO2 emission reduction

EPC (CISA consortium)

EPC contract for the reduction of the SO2 emission by means of ammine adsorption. CISA performed this contract from the basic design received from the client. The scope of the contract was:process verification, detailed engineering, materials supply, construction, commissioning, start up and performance test. In order to speed up the construction activities, the plant was designed in one skid module, which was erected off site, complete with all instruments and electrical parts as well as insulation and painting. It was erected off site in one piece, transferred on site in one piece and connected to the rest of the plants during the plant turnaround.

Customer: Sasol Italy Spa

Total job amount: 2.190.000 €

Total on site hours: 25.000

Job duration: 8 months

Critical job elements: short delivery date for an EPC contract; skid construction to reduce delivery and turnaround times.

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