Our strengths

With more than 50 years of experience, we are able to fulfill specific client’s requirements and to suggest innovative solutions, with the greatest level of quality and safety.

Experience and competences

Since over 50 years, Cosmin operates in the national and international markets. This experience makes Cosmin professionally knowledgeable of its business.

Esperienza e competenza Cosmin

Client’s satisfaction

Our main goal is our client’satisfaction. We want to fulfill their needs and to suggest them innovative solutions in order to reduce the operational/maintenance costs and the turnaround time of the plants.

Affidabilità Cosmin


Since more than 50 years, our clients appreciate our reliability and quality in our products/services, as well as our greatest attention to safety and respect for the environment.

The story

  1. 1962

    Mr Roberto Liguori, our founder, moved to Sardinia from Turin where he studied. Here he founded COS.M.IN SpA that stands for “Industrial Construction and Maintenance”. It was the time when the industrialization of south of Italy was booming and many petrochemical and petroleum companies settled their plants in Sardinia. Our first shop was built in the location where it is still located. The company began its activity employing specialized workforce coming from north of Italy, attracted from the increasing demand for work. Production started with simple steel works and construction of small pressure vessels; at the same time the field activities were focused on interconnecting piping prefabrication and erection and maintenance of industrial plants. Cosmin was soon involved in the construction of all industrial plants being erected at that time, ranging from petrochemical plants to petrol refinery, metallurgical and paper industry.

  2. 1987

    The shop was extended to 6.000 covered sqm over a total area of 26.000 sqm. Production gradually evolved to the construction of complex pressure vessels with maximum dimensions up to 9 meter diameter and up to 100 ton weight.At the same time the site activities became more and more complex. In order to cope with the demand for heavy lifting,Cosmin bought a 200 ton boom crane. This crane (at that time the biggest in Sardinia) became the symbol of Cosmin supremacy in the local area. At this stage Cosmin, due to its 25 years of activity,confirmed its expertise in the revamping of industrial plants.

  3. 1989

    Cosmin, together with other smaller but specialized mechanical companies, created the CISA consortium with the aim to offer more workforce flexibility to their clients, particularly important during big plants’ turnaround. Client’s satisfaction was very high and the consortium grew up reaching 18 million Euros turnover, with over 250 employees and 60 high skilled technicians.

  4. 1989-91

    Stefano and Simona Liguori, the second generation of Cosmin, joined the Company and together with their father were involved respectively in the technical and administration areas. Upon their arrival, the company evolved technically, improved its organization and introduced CAD CAM technologies.

  5. 1992

    Cosmin’s ambitions grew up constantly as well as its work capacity. The shop was renewed and new bridge cranes were installed in order to extend the production range of vessels up to 200 ton weight.

  6. 1994

    Strong of its international experience and aware of the world globalization, Cosmin looked for new opportunities in the international markets. Up to now its products have reached 22 different countries and the company intends to expand its businesseven more over the next years.

  7. 1995

    Cosmin obtained the ISO 9001 certification. This is the reward of making quality a strategic factor for Cosmin’s success. This was the first of several certifications that represent Cosmin’s commitment to quality and client’s satisfaction.

  8. 2005

    After a period of organizational settlement, the CISA consortium saw the opportunity to grow up even more involving other companies complementary to Cosmin’s activity. The aim was to offer more flexibility to its clients, together with a variety of other services, in order to become a professional multidisciplinary contractor. In line with this philosophy, Effegi Sistemi Idrodinamici from Milan, Italian leader in its field of activity, joined the consortium providing its know-how in the sector of industrial high pressure cleaning, water cutting and plant reclaim and decomissioning.

  9. 2006

    Cosmin’s great competence and capability was rewarded with the U and S stamps, which guarantee our clients on its capability to operate within the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) codes. Cosmin’s reputation, based on over 40 years of activity, grew up more and more and created the conditions to obtain very big and complex jobs. In 2006 Cosmin carried out for Saras the revamping of T2-V2 plant for a final amount of 10.2 million Euros. It was a very demanding job, which was executed during the plant turnaround in only 40 solar days. In the same year, Cosmin manufactured the biggest cable skid ever built by Linde AG consisting of a 16 bed PSA valve skid for OPTI Canada.

  10. 2012

    CISA consortium, in line with its strategy, grew up even further and incorporated Soplant Srl from Milan, an engineering company operating successfully since mid 80’s in Italy and abroad. This expansion provided the consortium with the design competences necessary to offer EPC capabilities to its clients.

  11. 2015

    CISA consortium, led by Cosmin, obtained from Sasol Italy its first EPC contract of a total value of 2.3 million Euros. The job consisted of the construction of a new plant for the reduction of off gas emission by means of ammine adsorption. The contract was developed with the greatest customer satisfaction in only 7 months: the Consortium performed the process and the detailed engineering, construction, erection, commissioning and start up for the new plant, starting from the client’s basic design.

  12. 2016

    Cosmin enlarged its technical office with the aim to offer integrated engineering services for the execution of EPC contracts, shut down management services, feasibility studies, process and mechanical consultancy, both for Italian and International customers.

Il cuore della produzione

CISA Consortium

In 1989 Cosmin, together with other smaller but specialized mechanical companies, created the CISA consortium with the aim to offer to their clients more workforce flexibility, a peculiar feature in our business especially required during big plants’ turnaround. Client’s satisfaction was immediately very high and the consortium reached 18 million Euros turnover in 2012, with over 250 employees and 60 high skilled technicians.


Currently the Consortium has 37 between engineers and skilled technicians and a workforce of 180 highly skilled workers.The consortium can offer EPC services in the Oil &Gas field, can supply pressure equipment and can erect, revamp and maintain complex industrial plants as well as provide specialist services such as high-pressure water cleaning, plant reclaiming and decommissioning.
Cisa consortium companies at present are:

Cosmin Srl, specialist in pressure vessels construction and repair, mechanical erection, maintenance and revamping of industrial plants.

Soplant Srl, specialist in process and detailed engineering.

Effegi Sistemi Idrodinamici Srl, specialist in high-pressure water cleaning, plant reclaiming and decommissioning.

CISA consortium can provide tailor made solutions concerning industrial plants’ erection and maintenance; our target is to reduce the installation/turnaround times employing the highest safety and quality practices. These solutions range from modular constructions to EPC contracts or simply to job coordination.

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Cosmin throughout the world

We have exported our products worldwide – Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Denmark, Poland, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Tunisia, Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, India, Russia, South Korea – and we continuously invest resources to find new business relations with new international clients.