Integrated solutions and EPC

Every industrial plant has its peculiarity; we have the competence and experience to suggest solutions for any problem, having created, in over 50 years of business in the petrol and petrochemical fields, a network of specialized and reliable companies who cooperate with us to satisfy virtually any client’s needs.

Over 50 years of activity and experience together with our extreme flexibility, typical of a medium size 100% privately owned Italian company, are our strengths, which allow us to cope with the most demanding and, if necessary, multidisciplinary projects, with the greatest customer’s satisfaction.

Mechanical construction

We are highly specialized in the construction of pressure vessels such as heat exchangers, drums, reactors, columns and cabled skids, mainly for petrol and petrochemical industry, as well as for power plants. We manufacture our products using European raw materials only and we fulfill the most stringent quality requirements as documented by all quality certificates already obtained.

Erection of industrial plants

We employ only specialized workforce for the construction of industrial plants, in order to offer to our clients the greatest competence, reliability and safety assurance. Our strongest commitment is safety at work, respect for the environment and commitment to job schedule.

Plant maintenance and revamping

Plant maintenance and revamping are critical issues during any plant life. For this reason, Cosmin, during its life, has carried out numerous contracts of this kind from the simple one to the most complex, obtaining great experience and competence in this field.Our main goal is to give our clients the maximum confidence that their plant will be repaired/revamped with the best working practices and with the most rigorous respect for safety within the planned time schedule.